JDLP information session for new families immediately following the PS147 open house on Friday, December 14 / 12月14日(金)のオープンハウス後にJDLPに関する説明会を開催します

Please join us for a brief information session with our current JDLP teacher Kudo-Sensei from 10:20-11:00. This information session will be for parents who have questions about the JDLP curriculum to learn more. So as not to detract from Kudo-Sensei ‘s classroom time, please have any curriculum-specific questions you have ready, so that we may... Continue Reading →

Deadline to apply for Kindergarten is January 14, 2019 / キンダガーテンへの申し込みは2019年1月14日締め切りです

If you wish to enroll your child to Kindergarten Japanese DLP for 2019 -2020 school year, please be sure to select “Japanese Dual Language” in PS147 Isaac Remsen. The deadline for submission is January 14, 2019. If you have any questions about the JDLP program, please visit our upcoming open house (December 14), or send... Continue Reading →

2018-2019 Open House Schedule

Interested in our program? The best way to start is to visit PS147 in any of the following open house! There will be a Japanese Dual Language Program Committee member to answer any questions and concerns. JDLPにご興味のある皆様へ!下記の日程でオープンハウスが開催されます。JDLP委員会のメンバーも出席する予定ですので、プログラムについて興味、ご質問のある方はどうぞ足をお運び下さい。   All school tours are from 9am - 10:30am. オープンハウスは、どの日程も午前9時〜午前10時半です。   November 16, 2018   December 14, 2018... Continue Reading →

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