School awarded for the Onigiri Project / おにぎりプロジェクトの賞をもらいました。

Our school received Best Team Award and Onigiri Kids Award winner from Onigiri Action Project!学校で開催されたおにぎりプロジェクトでBestTeam賞をいただきました! Onigiri Counter Kids took pictures using hashtag #onigiriaction We have successfully launched our onigiri action event today. We are very glad to see everyone having fun at this event! 無事に「おにぎりアクション」のイベントを開催いたしました。みんなとても楽しく参加してくれたみたいで、とても嬉しかったです! Once again, many thanks to all the JDLP parents who... Continue Reading →

PreK Program for 2021 / プリKの日本語クラスに付きまして

Please note that PS147 will not have a Pre-K Japanese Dual Language class for the 2021-2022 school year. Please email Ms. Falero  for all registration/enrollment questions and inquiries. プリKの日本語2カ国語クラスは、2021-2022年度は実施されませんのでご注意下さい。レジストレーションや入学に関するご質問は、スクールセクレタリーのMs. Falero までお願い致します。

We are United States – Japan Foundation Grant Recipient!/米日財団より助成金をいただきました!

Brooklyn Japanese Dual Language Association, Inc. (BJDLA) is one of Fall 2019's recipients of the United States - Japan Foundation’s Pre-College Education Grant! We have been awarded $37,048!! We thank US-JF for believing in and  supporting the JDLP program! This grant will allow us to continue our efforts of growth and development. To learn more... Continue Reading →

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