JDLP is officially a 501(c)3 non-profit organization!

We are officially a 501(c)3 non-profit organization! This is a great news for us, because now all funds donated to our organization will be tax exempt. We will also have options to apply for grants that are only available to non-profit organizations. Our official organization name is Brooklyn Japanese Dual Language Association. JDLP委員会は正式に非営利団体として登録されました!これで、私たちの活動の為に寄付される資金は全て税金控除の対象となります。また、政府や企業などが非営利団体のみを対象にしている助成金等にも申請することが出来るようになりました。団体の正式名称はBrooklyn Japanese Dual... Continue Reading →

2nd Annual Japanese festival (performance)

JDLP students put together wonderful performances for the 2nd Annual Japanese Festival at PS147! 2nd graders did “Momotaro,” 1st graders did “Big Turnip,” and Kindergarteners did “Three Little Pigs” all in Japanese. 1st and 2nd graders also danced powerful and energetic “So-ran Bushi” as well! 第二回 日本祭りが3月28日にPS147で開催されました。2年生は「桃太郎」、1年生は「大きなかぶ」、そしてキンダー生は「3匹のこぶた」の寸劇をすべて日本語で披露しました。また、1年生2年生は、合同で力強く「ソーラン節」を踊りました。   © Monica Müller

Family Game Night / 学校主催ファミリー・ゲーム・ナイトに参加しました

Diversity Committee hosted the First Family Game Night at PS147! It was a big success, with many children and families from different grades got together and played games, made crafts, and enjoyed snacks. JDLP offered Origami/Japanese snack table, and we made origami cranes, Pikachu, and more! ダイバーシティ委員会主催のファミリーゲームナイトが3月16日にPS147にて開催されました。様々な学年の生徒達とその家族が、混じってゲームをしたり、クラフトをしたり、おやつを食べたりして一緒に楽しいひと時を過ごしました。JDLPは折り紙テーブルで鶴やピカチューなどの折り方を教えたり、日本のお菓子を提供しました。

Attention All JDLP Applicants!

To those of you who have applied for our program: You may be receiving your public school acceptance/rejection letters this week, which includes being wait listed for our program. If you have any inquiries regarding the enrollment of your child into the PS147 Japanese Dual Language Program (i.e. rejected but would like to attend), please... Continue Reading →

Japanese New Year Photo Booth

Not even the cold and the piles of snow could keep us from celebrating Oshougatsu with a photo booth generously provided by Monica Muller - see more of her excellent work here - at the super cute Tiki-themed El Cortez bar in Bushwick, near our beloved PS 147.  Special thanks to El Cortez for hosting us! We had so... Continue Reading →

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