Be a part of the first-ever JDLP Bazaar!



The JDLP Committee will be holding a bazaar at El Cortez bar on Sunday, March 10th from 12-5pm. We will be inviting participants from both the school communities as well as the local community to buy “booth” space to display their wares and sell them to visitors throughout the day. Booths will be $50 for school community members and $100 for participants outside the school community. This will be a great opportunity for us to raise money from the sale of booth space, and the JDLP Committee will be selling our own “merch” at the bazaar.  There will also be a raffle to generate extra funds. El Cortez, our generous hosts, will have a cash bar open throughout the event.

Here’s how you can help:

First and foremost, join us at this event and tell everyone you know to come! Some other help we need:

  • Pass on information about this event to any friends, family and neighbors who are crafters, makers, chefs, artists, vintage sellers, and the like. Anyone interested in buying booth space can contact the committee through here.
  • Help us design JDLP merch to sell! We are looking for a t-shirt design, as well as various button/badge designs. We need designs completed by Friday 2/22/19. If you’d like to help, please contact through here.
  • Help us gather items to raffle! Artwork, crafts, products, gift cards, etc. will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help and your attention!!!

来る3月10日(日)午後12-5時、JDLP委員会主催「クラフトバザール」をバーEl Cortezにて開催いたします。

PS147校保護者の皆様やその他学校関係者、また近隣コミュニティの方々で独自の作品・工芸品を売りたい方はブースをご購入いただけます。ブース代はそれぞれ学校関係者は$50、その他の皆様は$100となり、これらはすべてPS147校でのJDLPプログラミングに寄付されます。当日JDLPのグッズの販売やラッフルも開催され、バザール開催中El Cortezによるキャッシュバーもありますので、ぜひお誘い合わせの上お越し下さい。







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