Japanese Festival on Japion!/日本祭りの様子がジャピオンに掲載されました!

20190530_jdlp_hamada262The annual Japanese Festival was held on May 31.

In the festival, students from Kindergarten to Third grade performs the songs and plays they have been practicing all in Japanese. Kindergarten started off with Three Little Pigs, and the Kindergarten students in the General Education class joined to sing Do Re Mi in both English and Japanese. The First grade continued and performed Big Turnip, Second grade Momotaro, and Third grade Swimmy. The finale was the Soran Bushi performance by Second and Third graders.

A special thanks was given to Yoshi-sensei, an Assistant Teacher sent to PS147 by J-Leap Program, who is leaving after two years of hard work.

The festival welcomes many VIPs, including Ambassador & Mrs. Hoshino of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, Ambassador Yamanouchi of Consulate General of Japan in New York, and many individuals from Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Japan Foundation New York, and Japanese language educators in New York area.

Japion has posted an article about the Japanese Festival. It can be viewed from here.

Video can be viewed from here.








Photo courtesy of JDLP

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