Disaster Preparedness Workshop from Japan and Mrs. Abe’s Second Visit at PS147!

All students grades 1-5 were treated to a very special assembly, sponsored by The Japan Foundation. Mr. Hirokazu Nagata, President of Plus Arts and an expert on disaster preparedness shared his disaster preparedness education program with our students. This program, which has been presented to many countries worldwide, came out of his experience with the earthquake that ravaged Kobe (his hometown) in 1995. We are so grateful that Nagata San was in New York for the opening of the Earth Manual Project exhibition, a project that he curated!


This highly informative and engaging presentation was attended by students and staff from PS 147, Principal Noyola and Vice Principal Figueroa and Alicja Winnicke, the Superintendent of District 14. To top things off, PS 147 also welcomed a few other very special guests, including staff from the Consulate General of Japan and Akie Abe, wife of the Prime Minister of Japan! We feel so privileged that Abe San made time in her busy schedule to visit PS 147 for the second time! After participating in the disaster preparedness assembly, Abe San shared some inspirational words with the students of PS 147 about working together in the face of adversity and the importance of community and being a Helper. We thank Nagata San, The Japan Foundation, The Consulate General of Japan and Abe San for this amazing opportunity, and we’re proud to show off how far we’ve come since Abe San’s last visit in 2016!


国際交流基金(The Japan Foundation)主催により、PS147の1年生〜5年生の生徒がNPO法人プラスアーツの永田宏和先生指導の元、防災の教育プログラムに参加しました。世界中様々な国で開催されているこのプログラムは、1995年の阪神大震災の経験をもとに作られたものです。世界各国の防災方法に注目したEarth Manual Project展をキュレーションした永田先生がいらして下さったのは大変幸運でした!



Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 8.08.05 PM

© Monica Müller

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