Attention All JDLP Applicants!

To those of you who have applied for our program:

You may be receiving your public school acceptance/rejection letters this week, which includes being wait listed for our program. If you have any inquiries regarding the enrollment of your child into the PS147 Japanese Dual Language Program (i.e. rejected but would like to attend), please contact the school directly and speak to School Secretary Jahaira Falero at or call (718) 497-0326

PS147 Japanese Dual Language Programに出願された皆様へ

今週あたりに、ニューヨーク市教育局より、お子様への通知が郵送されてくるかと思います。不合格(rejected)やキャンセル待ち(wait-listed)の通知を受け取ったけれどもJDLPにお子様を通わせたい保護者の皆様、どうぞ直接学校に連絡を取っていただき、スクールセクレタリーのJahaira Faleroさんにお子様をJDLPに入れたい旨をお伝え下さい。Faleroさんの連絡先は以下の通りです。

メール    電話:(718) 497-0326

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