We think we’re learning Japanese…we really think so!

The Japanese Dual Language Program in New York is so excited to announce that school year 2015-2016 has brought with it the first ever Japanese Dual-Language Kindergarten class at PS 147 in Brooklyn!  After a lot of tireless effort on the part of local parents and educators, our children are on their way to fluency in Japanese.  Additionally, we are promoting an understanding of and appreciation for Japanese cultural traditions, which further supports bilingualism.  With lots of parent involvement, we are trying to bring Japanese celebrations into the classroom, and regularly have lots of opportunities for parent volunteers to help plan and carry out events.

Led by Ms. Sakai (aka Takayo-sensei), our classroom is full of Japanese signs, books and other materials which support learning the Japanese language alongside English.  We pride ourselves on our involvement in community, both local to Brooklyn as well as the greater Japanese community in New York City.  To that end, we are planning exciting field trips to the Japan Society and other cultural institutions.  We look forward to the coming year, and invite you to continue to follow us at our blog.


酒井貴代(さかいたかよ)先生という素晴らしい先生をお迎えし、教室の中は英語の展示物と共にたくさんの日本語の展示物や、紀伊国屋から購入されたすごい数の本に囲まれています。(かなりテンションが上がる数です!) 学校の授業の一環として Japan Society  への遠足なども今後予定されています。







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