State of the art Pre-K Classrooms at PS 147 could be Model for District


Feb 18, 2015
by Tanay Warerkar
PS 147 on Bushwick Avenue is leading the charge on early education with its newly created, state-of-the-art pre-K classrooms.

Principal Sandra Noyola, in her fourth year at the school, wanted to create a space that gives students more mobility, while giving students a more practical approach to their education.

Working with Quality Stars NY, the school designed specialized classrooms with thematically designated systems that facilitate improved learning methods for the students.

“We wanted to create a space where kids can engage in all types of activities,” said Noyola, a lifelong Bushwick resident and educator. “Children can really spread out and learn in a comfortable environment.”

A typical classroom will have a central space with specific designated areas for block building activities, reading, computer learning, listening, housekeeping skills, theater, and an arts and crafts section.

The designs for each of the three Pre-K classrooms centers around a theme, and the sections in each classroom are then decorated accordingly. Some of the themes being worked with include the creation of a specific area into a bear’s den, and learning the meaning of friendship.

“I think what sets this school apart is the diversity it offers,” said PS 147 Pre-K teacher Sandra Gomez. “We each bring our unique cultural experiences to the table. We want to ensure that we support the individuality of each of the students and encourage different ways of learning.”

In upcoming months, the school is set to become a dual language English-Japanese school to meet the requirements of the new Asian immigrants moving into the neighborhood. In addition the principal is pushing for the creation of a hydroponic garden similar to that of PS 84, and students have already begun work on the garden that is currently set up in a former storage room at the school.

Having grown up in Bushwick, and with over two decades in education, Noyola’s efforts at the school, she said, show the district and the city that public schools in Bushwick are not only on par, but are leading the charge in adapting the new common core principles and ensure that diverse methods of learning are cultivated at the school.

For more information on the school and enrollment visit

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