Applying to PS 147 Prekindergarten for Fall 2014/2014年度のPS147 PreKへの応募




We are thrilled that so many families loved what they saw at the Open House and wish to apply for this year’s preKindergarten class! For families interested in applying to preK for fall of this year (2014), here are some steps to what you can STILL do to enroll at PS 147!

1) You can contact the DOE preK office at (718) 935-2009 to see if you can bump up PS 147 to your FIRST / PRIORITY CHOICE.  You may also email or visit an Enrollment Office.  This may ensure you a placement in preK for the upcoming school year.

2) If you are awarded a seat at another school, instead of pre-registering with that school, go to PS 147 directly to apply “over-the-counter” as long as seats are available.  Since PS 147 was one of the handful of schools that was awarded extra preK seats (18 seats), there is a good chance that you may still get a seat at PS 147.

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1:DOE PreK オフィス(718−935−2009)に連絡をして、PS147を優先順位の1番に入れるリクエストをする、もしくはこちらまでEメール、 もしくはオフィスに直接行って変更願いを出す、などの方法がとれます。




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